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The team is here to ensure your best gaming experience and provide any kind of needed support. Here is the full list of all staff members.

Global Admins

Mg administrator.pngM global admin.pngMg advisor.png

Attend to global matters and ensure the general well-doing of the league. Includes:

  • Founders
  • Administrators
  • Global Admins
  • Advisors

Forum Staff

Forum Admin.pngM forum mod.png

Watches over the forum keeping it active and clean. Includes:

  • Forum Admin
  • Forum Moderators

Ban&Unban Staff

BU Admin.pngHead BU Mod.pngM ban mod new.png

Makes sure your Ban&Unban requests are solved with quality and in time. Includes:

  • B&U Admin
  • B&U Head Moderators
  • B&U Moderators

Hacks Staff

Hacks Admin.pngHead Hack Mod.pngM hacks mod1.png

Keeps watch over possible hacks and makes sure that no player can gain an unfair advantage in our games. Includes:

  • Hacks Admin
  • Hacks Head Moderators
  • Hacks Moderators

Graphic Staff

M gfx admin1.pngHead gfx mod.pngM gfx mod.png

Takes care of the GFX competitions and the visual look of the forum. Includes:

  • Graphics Admin
  • Graphics Head Moderators
  • Graphics Moderators

Tournament Staff

Tours Admin.pngHEADTOURMOD1.pngM tour mod.png

Organizes and moderates Tournaments. Includes:

  • Tournament Admin
  • Tournament Head Moderators
  • Tournament Moderators

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