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Participation and winning of our events don't go unnoticed. Apart from everything else you can also win special awards.

Forum Awards

Awards as displayed in your posts

Awards can be earned for forum and server activities such as GFX competitions, tournaments etc. There are a lot of different awards but they can be divided in 5 categories:

  • Tournament awards, such as

Timbersaw Tour Winner Award Shadow Raze Tour Award Pudge Wars Tournament Winner Junior Tournament Member Uther Party Tournament Winner

  • GFX awards, such as

4th place on PSC ladder 2016 Winner of 3 Banner Maker contest Winner of 10 Photo Manipulation Contest Winner of 30 Photoshop Challenge Contests 2nd place on GFX Ladder 2016

  • Staff member awards, such as

Tours staff member B&U staff member GFX staff member Best B&U mod of the month Best Tours mod of the month 5 times in a row

  • Ladder awards, such as

Ladder Nr 1 Ladder Nr 2 Ladder Nr 3 Ladder Nr 4-10 Ladder Nr 11-25

  • Miscellaneous, for example

Drummer Patreon Supporter

Server Awards

Server awards (icons) are given for winning in tournaments only. You can check the icons you currently have by typing


and select the one you want to be displayed next to your name with

/icon <icon name>

The following icons can be earned among the other:

Uther Party winner server icon Mirana Wars winner server icon Pudge Wars winner server icon ARSHOM winner server icon SF 1v1 winner server icon

The full list of the available icons can be found here

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