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• How to start playing on our server?

Generally, you need to make an account and download and install our client and you are ready to go. Check a detailed guide about how to start here

• Do i need to have a licensed copy of Warcraft III?

No. You don't need license keys to play on our server, dummy keys will be provided to launch the game by our client

• Why do i get kicked from games at 99% map download?

It means that you are probably trying to join a 1.29 game which isn't supported by Eurobattle yet

• How to support the server?

The best way is to donate to us on Patreon, but other payment methods such as PayPal and direct transactions are possible. Check this article for more details

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• Can i login on server with my forum account?

No. Forum account can only be used on the forum, to be able to login on server, you need to make a separate server account

• How to create a forum account?

Here is the registration form and here a detailed instruction

• Why my post isn't visible?

Posts by new users have to pass moderation first as a measure against spam bots. Please wait until your post is approved by a moderator

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• How to create a server account?

First, validate your email. Next fill in the nick and password fields. Lastly, activate your account and its done. Here is a detailed instruction

• What is account activation?

Account activation is a monthly procedure which lets us know that your account is still beeing used. Inactive accounts may be deleted after a set period of time

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• What are the requirements?

Usually, just having Warcraft III installed is enough to be able to run our client. Check the full requirements here

• What version of Warcraft III do i need?

Any version beside the very first one will do. Check here to learn about how you can patch your game

• How to install Eurobattle?

Check this detailed guide about how to install our client

• What games can i access using Eurobattle?

Any games which are hosted on our server manually or using bots (Ent, LagaAbuse) and games hosted on multiple realms, for example, p1l1s (Castle Fight), ENT (All Games), Legion TD, Footies, Werewolf, DotA LoD auto-hosting bots and many other

• What are gateways?

Gateways are simply the ways to connect to our server: you can either connect directly or through GProxy

• What is GProxy?

GProxy is a anti-cheat tool which also lets you reconnect to games and adds custom icons. Here is the full description of the features of GProxy

• Why my client files keep disappearing?

Some antivirus programs, especially Avast may delete core files of our client. Check this guide to solve this problem

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• I don't have Warcraft III, where can i get it?

You can always download the latest version supported by our server here

• What are system requirements?

System requirements can be viewed here

• What are bot hashes?

Bot hashes are used to let your hosting bot publish games on our server. You can view them here

• How to increase my FPS in Warcraft III/DotA?

Check this article to learn about what can be done in order to improve the performance of your game

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• How to play ladder games?

Simply click on the "Play Game" button after logging on the server and select the game type and maps you wish to play. Here is a detailed guide

• How to host my own games?

There are a few options for hosting your own games. Generally, you can host them on your computer or using an external service, such as public hosting bots. Check this article for more information

• Where to get the newest DotA map?

You can download the newest DotA map here

• How to deal with cheaters?

Cheaters should be reported in the respective sections of the forum. Check this article to learn about the types of cheats and where to report each hack

• How to punish game ruiners and flamers?

Such people should be reported in the hack or bad manners section on our forum. If played on hosting bots, they have to be reported on the respective forum/site of that bot. More info here

• How to get unbanned?

If you were banned on one of our bots or locked on server, you can post an unban request in the respective sections on the forums: LagAbuse, Safelist, Brasil, server locks. If you were banned on bots which don't belong to us there is nothing we can help you with, you have to ask on the respective forum/site of that bot (You can check that here)

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