How to whitelist in Avast

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Avast blocking gproxy.exe

Avast doesn't quite like the Client and that results in deleting important files, such as gproxy.exe and w3l.exe which are necessary in order to be able to connect to our servers. Such behavior is caused by Avast being too suspicious when inspecting files and as the programs mentioned above use specific methods to let you join our servers instead of the official ones, they may be detected as viruses.


Avast settings

To prevent this from happening you have to add gproxy.exe and w3l.exe (or the whole directories) to the exclusions:

Open the main window of Avast and go

-> Settings

-> General

-> Exclusions

-> File paths

  • Click on "Browse"
  • Select the location of the folder where your Client is installed (for example, "C:\Program Files (x86)\" on picture)
  • Click on "Add"

It may make sense to add your warcraft 3 directory to exclusions as well.

  • Click on "Browse"
  • Select the location of your folder
  • Click on "Add"

-> "OK"

Reinstall the Client, your files should not be deleted anymore.