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Welcome to, a public Warcraft 3 DotA league.

What do we offer

  • Public hosting bots for ladder and custom games.
  • DotA Ladder
  • DotA Stats System
  • DotA and Custom Game Tournaments
  • Forum GFX Competitions
  • Highly trained Moderation Staff

Get Started

Overview of the LagAbuse Forum

Overview of frequently asked questions

LA Forum Warcraft III
LA Staff How to create server account Our Rules
Join us? Technical Support Can't join ladder games?
Premium Membergroups Discord Tournaments
GFX Competitions How to support us Stats Page
Forum Profile Stats Reset/Swap
Karma How to create games on lagabuse bot
Forum/Server Awards Bot Commands
Forum Warnings & "Watched" Status How to upload a map
BBCodes List Report corrupted map

Contact us

Join us on discord: