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Lagabuse offers a set of different picture editing competitions. There are no requirements (guides and tools are provided) and everyone is welcome to participate. All competitions consist of 2 phases: submiting works and voting. More details are given on the respective competition pages on forum.

Photoshop Challenge Contest (PSC)

PSC #51 winning picture by Lagi

Competition Board

Apply various filters such as blurs, color balance, gradient maps, lights etc to adjust the visual look of the given image. Rules:

  • No brushes
  • No pen tools
  • No renders
  • Resizing is not allowed

Signature of the Week (SOTW)

SOTW #79 winning picture by 1QuestioN!

Competition Board

Create your own forum signature of the given theme. The following rules apply:

  • Resolution must be maximum of 500x300 pixels
  • Any tools such as brushes, smudge, burn tool etc are allowed
  • Text is allowed

Photo Manipulation Contest

PMC #14 winning picture by Agent

Competition Board

Adjust the given image using any filters and renders. Rules:

  • Usage of any renders, text and colors is allowed
  • Any tools such as brushes, smudge, burn tool etc are allowed
  • At least one major object of the original picture should be present

BM #1 winning picture by cyberajber

Competition Board

Create your own banner of the given theme. Rules:

  • Resolution of the image must be exactly 720x220 pixels
  • Banners should be created by using backgrounds and renders, adding text is allowed as well
  • Any tools are allowed


More pictures can be found in the gallery on forum.

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