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Stats page
Ladder stats

Each game played on lagabuse bot is recorded and saved in our database. You can view your stats page by going "Stats" -> Players -> Search and typing in your ingame nick. Player info displays the very basic information about the player such as his nickname, number of played games and the list of current bans/warns. Ladder stats shows the following stats among the other:

  • Games played in total
  • Number of wins
  • Number of loses
  • Average kills
  • Average deaths
  • Average assists
  • Average creep kills
  • Average creep denies
  • Average neutral creeps kills

Ladder games lists all ladder games which were played on that server account and Custom games all custom games respectively.

You can also earn various achievements based on your stats such as:

500 games played 20000 creep kills 3000 neutral kills

The full list of achievements

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