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Safelist is a private, high skill league founded around 2005. So, today it stands for oldest and best dota 1 league alive!


In order to become a full member of safelist you will have to follow the next steps.

1. Post a vouch request accordingly to the rules - HERE

2. Get three supports from safelist staff that is listed - HERE

3. In case you are new to the server you can find instructions to connect - HERE. We meet at channel ss (/join ss).

4. Pass the trial period by playing 7 games in 7 days. You will be judged by skill, manners and your activity. Following links will be handy to you.

  • Bot instructions -HERE.
  • Rule Book - HERE.
  • Ladder page - HERE.

5. As you become a full member you will get green custom title and you will have right to post promotion requests as explained - HERE

Best regards, Safelist Staff.