Can't join games?

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Can't join bot hosted games

There are generally 3 major reasons why you may not be able to join games hosted by GHost/GHost++ bots, including Ent, LagAbuse and any other.

1. You are banned on that bot

Make sure you aren't banned by the bot's owner or an autoban system. How to do that on LagAbuse:

Check that by typing /w !checkban, or viewing your Stats page.

2. You don't have the right map

Some bots don't let you download the required map in lobby. Therefore you should download it yourself beforehand. Click on the game you wish to join and check if the map image is blank, in this case you don't have the needed map. Note that all maps after 1.28.1 should be placed in the "Documents/Warcraft III/Maps/Download" folder.

3. You don't have latest GProxy ( bots)

You need to have the latest version of GProxy to be able to play on LagAbuse bots. If you don't, the bot will kick you automatically from any lobby hosted by it. To be able to join our games, please be sure to have the latest Client installed and launch the game through GProxy gateway.

Can't join my own/my friend's/any manual hosted games

This usually indicates that the player who is creating the game didn't forward his ports and therefore can't be the host.

Getting disconnected from PG (or Standard/Melee) games

To play PG games one of the players must be the host and have his ports forwarded. If neither of the players can be the host, all players get disconnected and the game cancels.