Kicked from lagabuse lobby

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There are multiple reasons you would get kicked from a lagabuse lobby.

1. Bot whispers you the reason of the kick. If you are banned or host kicked you you will normally get a whisper with the reason. The reasons can be: - you are banned on lagabuse

- you don't have the DotA map when joining

- host kicked you due to low PSR

- you are joining without gproxy.

If you do not receive any whisper, see next points.

2. Incompatible/corrupt custom game maps. Try to host the same map manually, if the game does not allow you to host the map is not compatible.

3. Make sure to download games from our source. Some games of the same version from different providers can have unknown problems.

Reasons 2. and 3. can be observed from the gproxy logs. Turn on Debugging in gproxy tab. After you are kicked, check the gproxy log. It will say "Local socket disconnected with: NO ERROR".