Custom icons not displaying

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If you see green squares instead of custom icons, then either there was an error in our latest installer or your War3Mod.mpq is missing or corrupted. When this happens, our custom icons won't be loaded into your Warcraft III and will be displaying as green squares instead.



  • Navigate to your Warcraft III directory
  • Delete War3Mod.mpq
  • Copy and paste War3Patch.mpq and rename the copy to War3Mod.mpq
  • Restart Eurobattle Client
  • Icons should be displaying normally now.

Alternative way:

  • Delete War3Mod.mpq
  • Uninstall the Client
  • Install the Client again
  • The correct version of War3Mod.mpq should be recreated in your game folder

Reminder: to swap between custom icons you possess (which can be obtained through winning various tournaments, from beeing on top of DotA leagues ladders etc), use the /icon <icon name> command.

To see what icons you have, simply type /icon and the list of available icons will be displayed.