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What is port forwarding and why do you need it?

Port forwarding (sometimes referred to as tunneling or virtual servers) is the act of forwarding a network port from one network node to another. Port forwarding allows remote computers (e.g. public machines on the Internet) to connect to a specific computer within a private LAN. So in order to host a game online, you must allow public computers on the internet to connect to your computer. If you don't port forward, all incoming connections to your PC will be refused and thus no one will be able to join your game.

It is required to have forwarded ports in the following types of games:

  • Melee (standard, PG) games require at least one of the players to have his ports forwarded in order to use his computer as host for the game. If neither of the players can be the host, the game will be cancelled and everyone will be disconnected.
  • Manually hosted games (with Create Game), only on your computer, since it will be used as the host for the game.
  • Games created with the Ghost/Ghost++/etc bots, only on the computer where the bot is running.

Solution 1 (recommended)

Ports which have to be forwarded:

TCP	6112-6119 
UDP	6112-6119 

1) Go to
2) Select your router brand from the list
3) Skip advertisement by clicking "Close"
4) Select the model of your router
5) Follow simple steps for your router model to forward the needed ports
6) You should now be able to use your pc as host for warcraft 3 games

Solution 2

Paradyne router
D-Link router
Speedtouch router

(In case solution 1 did not work, this solution contains common steps that can be used by everyone)

Hello and welcome to our port forwarding guide.

1) Requirements

Open cmd.exe (Start > All programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) Type ipconfig, notice the Default Gateway.

Find IP.jpg

NOTE: Enter Warcraft > Options > Game Play Check your Game Port, it should be 6112 on Normal Gateway and 6113 on GProxy Gateway.

2) Configuration

Open your web browser, type the IP you just saw, for example, in my case I have to type

You should see a box prompting you for your username and password. Enter your password now. By default your username and password are admin.

You can find your router's username and password in your router's manual.

Click the Log in button to log in to your router.

Ok, Now you must search for "Port Forward", "Virtual Server" or "Game & Application Sharing". They are usually located in the advanced settings of your router.


Make sure to forward both 6112 and 6113 (it is recommended to forward 6114-6119 as well).

Some routers have Warcraft 3 in their database, so all you have to do is add the Warcraft 3 to the Applied Rules. If you don't have it, create a new application with the following settings:

Protocol: Any      
Port Range: 6112-6113
Translate To: 6112-6113

Or if you don't have "Any" as a protocol type.

Protocol: TCP      
Port: 6112-6113
Translate To: 6112-6113

Protocol: UDP      
Port: 6112-6113
Translate To: 6112-6113

For port forwarding and port opening it is NOT required to have a range from 6114 to 6119 opened. However, it may be useful if you are planning to host multiply games at once on your PC.

3) Get information about your router


Search for your router's brand and exact model.

Follow the instructions that are specifically made for your router in order to port forward.