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Osiris chat

Osiris, what is it ?

Osiris is a chat client created by the eurobattle.net community (Anomandaris , Hovi and Firebird). It allows you to connect to our (and any other, as well) server without opening the game on and be able to chat with other members. It has an easy interface. Remember you cannot play with this program. It is made to chat on the server.

Where do I get that?

For more information and download links visit :


How to set up that?

First you need to have the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 installed.

Download file:


After download this, you need to unpack the file. And open the start.bat, wait until the black screen appears.


The program will open, click on Bot > Add bot


Insert the following information:


And click on the green button (play).


Wait until it connects you. Then click on the little gray windowed button.


There it is, you are succesfully connected to our server !


Have fun!

Known problems:

Bug : If you can't edit bot settings it's the best thing to delete the bot and add it again completely.

Cannot connect ?

-Make sure its server.eurobattle.net not eurobattle.net
-Make sure your account is activated and try to login in warcraft to make sure its not locked, or may not exist.