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Auto War keys

1: Link And file information :


Name:Auto Warkeys
Format:Executable (exe)
Features :
Edit Custom Keys for RoC TFT and DotA Allstars.
Battle.net And PvPgN Support.
Health bar always turned on.
Remap inventorys
Align keys to QWER Grid

Warkeys is a free, open-source utility for Warcraft III. With it, you can: Change the Hotkeys, Button Positions and the Tips for the icons in the game. Align the keys based on a predefined grid layout. Import your old CustomKeys.txt. Import other Warkeys config files.

Change log: (August 26, 2007) 
- updated for Dota 6.47b 
- added Faerie Dragon (thanks Marcus Johansson) 
- updated Enigma's Malefice (a0b3 -> a0i7) (thanks Marcus Johansson) 
- updated Axe's Berserker's Call (a0c7 -> a0i6) (thanks Marcus Johansson) 
- fixed Stealth Assassin's Smoke Screen (thanks Marcus Johansson)

Warkeys Tutorial - Step by step explaination on how to utilize warkeys.


AutoWarkey Tutorial - Step by step explaination on how to utilize AutoWarkey the inventory remapper.