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  • Page= is the page name that should contain the category make sure it is in the syntax that IncCat returns for base page
    • Notes: You must use all special characters for wiki text, spaces are the exception. First character always capitalized, even if page is not. ' = & # 3 9 ; with no spaces
  • Category = Category you want to add
  • Category2 = Category name to sort by (by default if blank or missing is Page

If you don't know what the name of the page is, you may do the following:

  • Enter the code{{urlencode:{{PAGENAME}} }} in the page you want to find out
  • Copy this text and visit the website [1] and copy into the Encoded text block and convert
  • This will give you the text for the Page= variable.
{{IncCat |Page= |Category= |Category2= }}