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[SIZE="1"]Posted by Perito[/SIZE]

[SIZE="+1"][COLOR="DarkRed"][U]Unable to join LAN game[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[spoiler]So your friend or brother is hosting a game and you can’t join; what to do now? There is a really cool feature in Ghost++, introduced in version 9.x which allows people on same network to play together without any problem. This feature is called the “Admin Game” and was initially designed to do a completely different job. Fortunately for us, Admin Game also solves the joining LAN games problem.

[B][SIZE=+1]First, download and set up Ghost++ or GhostOne, you can find a simple guide to do that [URL=""]here[/URL].[/SIZE][/B] [U]After your ghost can enter and host games normally[/U], we will make a simple modification to the configuration to allow Admin games (and thus people on same LAN to enter). Edit the [b]ghost.cfg[/b] to include this: [Quote]

      1. whether to create the admin game or not (see readme.txt for more information)

admingame_create = 1

      1. the port GHost++ will host the admin game on (this must be different from your bot_hostport)

admingame_port = 6114

      1. the admin game password

admingame_password = xpam [/Quote]

[B]Note:[/B] You need to set admingame_port in ghost.cfg to the port you want to host the admin game on. It *must* be different from your bnet_hostport *and* from your Warcraft 3 port. [Spoiler][Quote] bot_hostport = 6000 [/Quote] [Quote] admingame_port = 6114 [/Quote] [Quote] Enter Warcraft, Options > Game Play > Port should be different (default is 6112) [/Quote][/Spoiler] Save the file and start ghost.exe GHost++ automatically hosts a Warcraft 3 game (the "Admin Game") and broadcasts it to the local network.

[B]1.)[/B] Open Warcraft 3 and go to the LAN screen. After a few seconds you will see a game called "GHost++ Admin Game" appear. Join it. [B]2.)[/B] Use the password command to enter your Admin Game password (e.g. [I]!password xpam[/I]).

a.) If you enter the wrong password you will be kicked from the game and temporarily banned for 5 seconds.

[B]3.)[/B] Use the map or load command to load a map. (e.g. [I]!map dota6.57[/I]) [B]4.)[/B] Use the priv/privby/pub/pubby commands to create a game. You should wait until it says " game hosting succeeded" before continuing. (e.g. [I]!pub AP/Eu/PROS[/I]) [B]5.)[/B] Leave the game and return to the LAN screen. After a few seconds you will see your newly created game appear. Join it. [B]6.)[/B] You are now ready to play. Your game has been created on [B]7.)[/B] If you make a mistake and want to unhost the game you can use [I]!unhost[/I] in either game (the Admin Game or your newly created game).

[B]We are aware that this feature is easily abusable, you can choose any nickname in place of yours. This is a warning, if you abuse this feature your IP will be PERMANENTLY Banned From No Excuses. This guide and feature is to help you. DO NOT ABUSE IT.[/B][/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by Perito[/SIZE]

[U][COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"]Unable to join own or LAN game (ADSL users)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U]

[spoiler]Hi guys, after few weeks of trying to solve problem of joining your own game, or game created by other machine in Local Area Network (LAN), i finally managed to get it to work.

[B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]PLEASE NOTE: This solution maybe won`t work for you! This settings is usually for ADSL users![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

If you have problem to join your own game, try perito`s tutorial [URL=""]here[/URL] with loopback first (usually this will work). If you tried that, and you still cannot join game created in LAN, then probably you are behind a router or a gateway that doesn`t support NAT Loopback. The solution for this problem is in general:

1.Turn your router/gateway in Pure Bridge mode 2. Enable PPPoE connection on all of your computers (You will need the username and password from your ISP) 3. Fix your [URL=""]firewall rules[/URL] 4. Try to host public game, if everyone (from the internet) can join, then try to join your other machines on LAN

This works for most of routers that doesn`t support NAT Loopback, but the settings about pure bridge mode, may be different, based on your router and it`s own firmware.

Sincerely prijic87[/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by prijic87[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Lime"][SIZE="+2"][B]Tools / Other[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]TeamSpeak 3[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SPOILER][LIST] [*][COLOR="Black"]Download client from [url][/url][/COLOR]

[*][COLOR="#000000"]After you download client run it by clicking on icon.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]After the program starts you will saw this:[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Click on Next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Click on I Agree.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Select option and then click on Next. [/COLOR][I][COLOR="#000000"]I chose the second option because i share my pc with sister so there is no point to install for all users.[/COLOR] [/I] [SPOILER][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/SPOILER]

[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Click on Next. If you want to change the place of installation, click on the button Browse and select new location.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Select a option that you prefer and then click on Next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Click on Install button. If you don't want icon on your desktop click on the dice.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]The installation is done. Program is ready to use.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]After you install client run it by run it by clicking on icon.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]You will see this after you run program. Just click Next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Choose a nickname and click on next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Select a option that you prefer and then click on Next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Modify as you, test it, and then click on Next. [/COLOR] [SPOILER][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/SPOILER]

[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Modify as you and then click on Next.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Just click on Finish.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="#000000"]Click on Connections,then connect or use crt+s.[/COLOR]


[*][COLOR="Black"]Tipe this info:


Port: 9987

And then click on Connect.[/COLOR]


[*] [COLOR="Black"]You are connected. Select channel and enjoy.[/COLOR][/LIST][/SPOILER]


[spoiler]Here's a simple guide on how to connect to a ventrilo server. There is no fees, as some of you may think.

First of all, I want you to know that we are not using the latest version of ventrilo, for licensing reasons.

So? Let's start :)


1.Download and unzip here:[URL=""]Ventrilo[/URL]. There is no need to install it, all the program is in one file. And if you have another version of ventrilo, there is no need to uninstall it.

2.After you unzip everything you open ventrilo.exe as shown in the picture below:


Click on it.

You should get this if you have a newer version of ventrilo: [IMG][/IMG]

Just click No.

If you dont have any ventrilo program installed on your computer you should see something like this: [IMG][/IMG]

3-Click on the "->" infront of "Username:": [IMG][/IMG]

Now you get this window: [IMG][/IMG]

Put the username you want to appear to people and to identify your self. In the phonetic name put the name you want to people hear when you connect.

4-Now you need to connect to a server... Click on the "->" in front of servers. In this window: [IMG][/IMG]

Press on New put any name you desire and press Ok.

Put the same info as in the picture:

[B][COLOR=Black]IP address:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]Port number:[/COLOR] 3784[/B]

And press Ok

No password is needed for this server.

Now that you've set up all ventrilo to be able to connect to our server, you can finally use it.

Just press on Connect and in couple of seconds you will be connected successfully.

If you have any problems related to this please post in the [URL=""]Technical Support[/URL] section.

For more information, read [URL=""]About Ventrilo[/URL].

Have fun :)

Note: If you are getting asked to update the version, when you open ventrilo.exe, you can solve it. Go to > Setup > Search for the tab called "Global" > Uncheck the box beside "Check for new version" > And press "Ok" - That's all :)[/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by Taz.[/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]Ventrilo on Linux[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[spoiler]You can install Ventrilo under Wine very easily in Ubuntu Linux. Here is how you can accomplish such a feat. so you can join your friends on a Vent server while gaming or whatever else you may use Ventrilo for. [U][B]First:[/B][/U] Make sure you have the newest version of Wine setup and installed. [quote]sudo apt-get install wine[/quote][U][B]Second:[/B][/U] Download Ventrilo for Windows (see [COLOR="DarkRed"]Ventrilo[/COLOR] above) and install it under Wine.

[U][B]Third:[/B][/U] Now Vent at default requires the use of an audio codec called GSM 6.10, and from my own experience this codec/driver is not included in WINE right of the bat, so youll have to get the file msgsm32.acm ([B][URL=""]here[/URL][/B] or [B][URL=""]here[/URL][/B]), unzip it and place this file in your system32 ([I]/home/USER/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32[/I]) directory under Windows in WINE

[B][U]Fourth:[/U][/B] goto the Windows directory (should be [I]/home/USER/.wine/drive_c/windows[/I]) and open the file named [B]system.ini[/B] and place this line in it under the drivers32 section (for organization sake)

[quote]MSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acm[/quote]Voila! I hope this helps any of you having trouble with getting this working, also make sure to keep an eye out, the guys who develop Vent are working on a Linux client! Enjoy.[/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by Perito[/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]Topaz chat[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[spoiler][size=+2][color=red][b]1. Where do I get that?[/size][/color][/b] You can download it [url='']here[/url].

[size=+2][color=red][b]2. What is this for?[/size][/color][/b]

Using Topaz Chat, you can enter in the Server to talk with your friends in any channel. Also, you can talk via whisper.

You can do anything, except play with that.

[size=+2][color=red][b]3. How to set up that?[/size][/color][/b]

3.a - After downloaded that, open the Install Setup and select a folder. Install it.

3.b - After installed it, open the folder that ou choosen and enter in the .exe file called " TopazChat ". Open that. [img][/img]

3.c - After opened TopazChat.exe, press F6 keyboard button. An window will be opened like this: [img][/img] [b]A[/b] - Put your username. [b]B[/b] - Put your password. [b]C[/b] - Put the channel to join automatically. [b]D[/b] - The server list. Press in the ADD button. A small window will be shown, then just type " " [u]or[/u] " " and press OK. After this, select the added server in the Server List. [b]E[/b] - Select that CheckBox to turn on topaz chat events (like timer, user join events, channel op events, etc.)

Ready. Topaz chat has been set up.

[size=+2][color=red][b]4. How to connect?[/size][/color][/b] After following the steps above, press F4 button in your keyboard.

Ready! Connected.

[size=+2][color=red][b]5. How to set up owners?[/size][/color][/b] Press the F6 button in your keyboard, and after that, click in Log Files/Owners.

Just add owners and members.

Owners can do anything, members have limited functions.

[size=+2][color=red][b]6. Member / Owner functions.[/size][/color][/b] Press the F6 button in your keyboard, and after that, click in Commands. [img][/img]

[b]A[/b] - The commands (Issued by members/owners whispers). [b]B[/b] - The action of the commands.

You can type: Commands: /a Action: /ban <parameter>

Then, if the bot get whispered " /ban 1234 lol ", the user 1234 will be banned with the reason " lol ". ALL BANS ARE CLEARED WHEN SERVER RESTART. This function is reserved for Channel Operators [U]ONLY[/u].

[size=+2][color=red][b]7. Kicking entering users using a specific client.[/size][/color][/b] Press F6 button in your keyboard. After that, click in Product Actions. [img][/img] [b]A[/b] - Do a specific action when the user enter in channel using StarCraft Retail. [b]B[/b] - Do a specific action when the user enter in channel using StarCraft Shareware. Etc.

[size=+2][color=red][b]8. Responses[/size][/color][/b] Press F6 in your keyboard. After that, click in Responses. [img][/img] A - Responses a phrase entered in the channel. B - Edit the responses for phrases C - Responses a whisper. D - Edit the responses for whispers E - Check this box to allow responses for phrases entered in the channel. F - Check this box to allow responses for whispers.

[size=+2][color=red][b]9. User joining channel[/size][/color][/b] Press F6 in your keyboard. After that, click in User Join. [img][/img] A - Check this box to allow response when user join channel. B - Click here to add new user. C - Type here what you want to say to everyone joining the channel. Leave blank to say nothing. D - Edit the responses. It can be like: " /w <user> Welcome to the channel "; " /ban <user> "; " /kick <user> ", etc.

[size=+2][color=red][b]10. Banning users[/size][/color][/b] Press F6 in your keyboard. After that, click in Banning. Warning! This option is reserved for Channel Operators / Channel Admins.

Well.. [img][/img]

A - Who will get ban just for joining channel. B - This will ban everyone join channel, except the users in that list. C - Here, edit/add the username who will be banned by joining the channel. D - Here, edit/add the username who won't be banned by joining the channel. E - Check this box to ban the users in the list below when they join the channel. F - Check this box to ban everyone join the channel, except who is in the list. G - Manage the users who will get ban. H - Manage the users who won't get ban.



Topaz Tags [quote]<user> The user who ISSUED a command <random> A random user from the channel <server> The server which TopazChat is using <channel> The current channel


[SIZE="1"]Posted by Deprem[/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][U][SIZE="+1"]Osiris chat[/SIZE][/U][/COLOR]

[spoiler][COLOR=Green][SIZE=5]Osiris, what is it ?[/SIZE][/COLOR] Osiris is a chat client created by the community ([B]Anomandaris, Hovi and Firebird[/B]). It allows you to connect to our (and any other, as well) server without opening the game on and be able to chat with other members. It has an easy interface. [B]Remember you cannot play with this program. It is made to chat on the server.[/B]

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=5]Where do I get that?[/SIZE][/COLOR] For more information and download links visit : [URL][/URL]

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=5]How to set up that?[/SIZE][/COLOR] First you need to have the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 installed. Download file: [URL][/URL]

After download this, you need to unpack the file. And open the start.bat, wait until the black screen appears. [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler] The program will open, click on [B]Bot > Add bot[/B] [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]

Insert the following information: [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]

And click on [B]the green button (play).[/B] [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]

Wait until it connects you. Then click on the little gray windowed button. [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]

There it is, you are succesfully connected to our server ! [spoiler][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]

Have fun!

[B]Known problems:

[/B]Cannot connect ? -Make sure its [B] [/B]not [B][/B] -Make sure your account is activated and try to login in warcraft to make sure its not locked, or may not exist.[/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by Pety[/SIZE]



[B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]How to use Banlist:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/center]

[SPOILER][B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Table of Contents:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

[B]1:[/B] Getting started [B]2:[/B] Country Checking [B]3:[/B] Ping Checking [B]4:[/B] Banlisting leavers [B]5:[/B] Custom comments [B]6:[/B] Auto refresher [B]7:[/B] Approved host and Global banning [B]8.[/B] Adding Phrases

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Getting started[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER]I am now going to show u how to install wc3banlist 3.0 and then patch it to wc3banlist 3.1 beta.

Firstly, download [B][url='']Banlist Pack[/url][/B]. It contains banlist 3.0 and 3.1.

Install Wc3Banlist 3.0 (I don't have to go into details of installing, i know you guys can handle a simple installation)

Now after u finish installing wc3banlist 3.0, extract Banlist 3.1 content in the winrar achieve to your wc3banlist directory. Overwrite when it ask you to confirm. The wc3banlist directory is located usually in C:\Program Files\WC3Banlist.


After u have succesfully extracted WC3Banlist 3.1 beta (build 210) to your wc3banlist directory, you have finished installing.[/SPOILER]

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Country Checking[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER]Launch Wc3banlist by clicking on its icon on your desktop. It should look like this, regardless of different versions.


After u have successfully launch Wc3banlist, now launch THE FROZEN THRONE. Connect to any BattleNet Server, join any game in BattleNet. Once u have joined a game it should look like this.


Type /fromall Wait for 2s, then press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard, and then press v.

A list of people and their country in game will appear at your typing bar.

For example: confinists: (SG), toy016: (AU), pasu: (SG), vteckui: (TW), Alkhaleed: (SG), iNeverLied.: (JP), ryoDK: (SG), yontboy: (US).

Press enter on your keyboard and it will appear as chat for everyone in game to see.

Thats all for country checking![/SPOILER]

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Ping Checking[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER]Launch Wc3banlist by clicking on its icon on your desktop. It should look like this, regardless of different versions.


After u have successfully launch Wc3banlist, now launch THE FROZEN THRONE. Connect to any BattleNet Server, join any game in BattleNet. Once u have joined a game it should look like this.


Type /Pingall Wait for 2s, then press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard, and then press v.

A list of people and their Ping in game will appear at your typing bar.

For example: leO.5ePhiRotH: 16 ms, Sagittarius-Hgg: 22 ms, LiBrA.NooBBOB: 201 ms, 2times2: t/o, HaRd***BoyZ: t/o

Press enter on your keyboard and it will appear as chat for everyone in game to see.

Thats all for Ping checking!

[B]Side note for Ping:[/B] Ping determines if a player will lag or not By looking at a Ping number, the lower the better it is, For example 20 ms is better than 150 ms. Once someone has 50ms or above they might experience game stuttering or delay when moving units in game.


[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Banlisting leavers[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER] When someone leaves during a game starting countdown or during game playing.

You can ban on your own banlist. There is a few simple ways of banning people, and i am gona list 2 of it.

1st way is to immediately type "/banlast" when someone leaves. Wc3banlist will automatically ban the last leaver with a comment/keyword leaver.

2nd way is to type /ban [insert name here] [insert comment here] For example: /ban SaMmM leaver [/SPOILER]

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Custom comments[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER] In wc3banlist, click on Preferences Tab and then click on Custom comments in the left side.


Click on the + button and type in Leaver in the box that pops up.


After u have type leaver press ok.

Type this into the blank box beside the + and - button: leaver after $gametime ($ratio) on $realm [($year-$month-$day)] - $gametitle

So now whenever u ban someone in game, with the command "/ban SaMmM leaver" or "/banlast"

Then SaMmM will be banned with the comment "SaMmM is a leaver after 00:14:35 (5v4*) on Lordaeron [(2007-02-17)] - dota sg ap! 5v5 net"

Of cause u can be creative and use custom comments for other uses, go figure it!


[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Auto refresher[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER]In wc3banlist, click on the preferences tab and then click on miscellaneous on the left side.

Tick the checkbox "Enable automatic game refresh"

U can also set the interval for auto refreshing with the slider with a minimum of 10s and maximum of 60s.

Side note: Auto refresh only works for game host, and is only available for wc3banlist 3.1beta version.



[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Approved host and Global banning[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [SPOILER] When you play on, many hosts and people threaten to ban u globally. Its a empty threat, as only approved host can ban people globally.

Even if a approved host bans you, you are not actually globally banned! People will have to download the approved host's bans to know that you are banned.

When you are banned by wc3banlist, only your username will be logged by the banlist. Your IP address will not be logged. So if someone says he is gona ban you by your IP, he is lying.

Here is a list of approved host:

[IMG][/IMG] (Image taken from [url][/url])

[COLOR="Red"]I do not encourage leavers and sore losers, i hope nobody will become bigger losers and leavers after reading this section.[/COLOR][/SPOILER]

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Adding Phrases[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [SPOILER]


[B][COLOR="Red"]1)[/COLOR][/B] In this place u have ur phrases u already made, u can navigate and c what u had signaled there, its possibel for u edit the name title of the phrase the data it will show and if u press right-click on there u can delete or assignal and hotkey, for when u press that hotkey show that phrase

[B][COLOR="Blue"]2)[/COLOR][/B] There is the basic buttons for add a phrase or for remove one phrase.

[B][COLOR="DarkGreen"]3)[/COLOR][/B] If u press that button it will show u another window with some variabels for use in ur phrases for example, $shiftenter is usefull if u are in the game and wanna chat for everyone after pressing a hotkey or active one phrase, $hostname will represent the name of host and so on.

[B][COLOR="Sienna"]4) [/COLOR][/B] This is the tabs for u c what phrases do yu have and the hotkeys assignaled for each phrases.

[B]4) [/B] Introduce here the name of phrase u wanna give to it, in this case is ban

[B][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]5)[/COLOR][/B] There u put the phrase with the comands u found in the step [B][COLOR="DarkGreen"]3)[/COLOR][/B] in this case this phrase if for ban a leaver and it will ban, show in the game and whisp the leaver about his ban after execute that phrase.

Phrases are very usefull if u wanna show all the time some information like the player bans or other kind of information.

i will leave here all my phrases ;)

[spoiler] [B]ban[/B] /banlast $shiftenter Player $lastleaver banned for leave - Hosted by $hostname on ($day/$month/$year)... $shiftenter Player $lastleaver banned for leave - Hosted by $hostname on ($day/$month/$year)... $shiftenter/w $lastleaver Player $lastleaver banned for leave - Hosted by $hostname on ($day/$month/$year)...

[B]Explanation:[/B] line 1 - Ban the last leaver line 2 - Write in the chat of the game to everyone about the ban line 3 - do the same was line 2 line 4 - whisp to the leaver with the information about the ban

[B]create[/B] dota -AP eu pros

[B]Explanation:[/B] line 1 - write that information in the text fiel

Is usefull for dont type everytime the game name u wanna create ;)

[B]fromall[/B] /fromall

[B]Explanation:[/B] line 1 - execute the comand fromall of the banlist


                                • BAN LIST - ON****************
                   WILL BE BANNED
                  REPORT TO UNBAN
            *****Clan banlist - XXX*****

[B]Explanation:[/B] write this text in the game chat room for inform u are using the abnlist and u gona ban the leavers



[QUOTE]This tutorial was done completely by me SaMmM.[/QUOTE][/SPOILER]

[center][B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Solving Problems:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/center]

[SPOILER] [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Table of Contents:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

[B]1:[/B] Network setup

[CENTER][B][COLOR="Red"]Network setup[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

[SPOILER][size=+2]Place where You can dowonload Your banlist - [url='']W3-Banlist[/url][/size].

[color=green][b]Bad Configuration? Why ? :[/b][/color] [COLOR="blue"]- When You enter to Warcraft 3 TFT and You click ctrl + v text didn't paste.[/color]

[size=4][color=red]1.[/color][/size] [color=green]Enter to W3Banlist. Click on Preferences. Next on "Network"[/color] [img][/img]

[size=4][color=red]2.[/color][/size] [color=green]Enter to Warcraft 3 server and click alt+tab.On W3Banlist click on NIC Detector i Detect, It should obliged to check off it on greenly. Next, exit Nic.[/color] [img][/img]

[size=4][color=red]3.[/color][/size] [color=green]Look on the image. If You know what is Your net card, just click on her. If not, chose this one whose showed NIC DETECTOR.[/color] [img][/img]

[size=4][color=red]4.[/color][/size] [color=green]Click on Diagnostics and check packets transfer. If it's write "Incoming W3 packets received" we are safe and one more time we safe the world.[/color] [img][/img]

[size=5][color=blue]IMPORTANT!!![/color][/size][size=4][color=red]When You enter to server before clicking on "Detect", join to random channel and make some typing. About 15-20 sec.[/color][/size][/SPOILER]

  • BTW IF you are using VISTA , all programs run as ADMINISTRATOR*

simply do that like this: click right click on that icon of wc3 banlist and press the button *run as administrator*.


[SIZE="1"]Posted by Josh_lopes[/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]Server status #1[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]Server status #2[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[spoiler][B]Aren't you sure if the server is [COLOR=Green]online[/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red]offline[/COLOR]? Do you wanna check what is your latency ("ping") to the server? [/B]

About [u]Link Monitor 2.0[/u]: [quote]This program will check an Internet or network connection by pinging a specified host. When the host replies, it will show a green light, indicating that the host is online and reachable. However when no reply was received in time or the IP address could not be found, it will show a red light, indicating that the specified host could not be reached (or doesn't exist). Different profiles can be configured with the ProfileEditor utility.[/quote] More info on the developer website: [url][/url]

[B]1.[/B] Download Link Monitor 2.0 from [URL=""]here[/URL]. (.exe ~1300 kB)

[B]2.[/B] Run [I]LinkMonitor20.exe[/I] and install it.

[B]3.[/B] Now go on Start > All Programs > LinkMonitor > run [I]ProfileEditor[/I].

[B]4.[/B] On [I]Default[/I], make it look like this: [IMG][/IMG]

[B]5.[/B] Save settings.

[B]6.[/B] Now go on Start > All Programs > LinkMonitor > run [I]LinkMonitor[/I].

If everything's ok. and the server is running well, your tray icon will show up like this: [IMG][/IMG] or [IMG][/IMG] (if your latency overrides 300 ms)

Otherwise it would look like this: [IMG][/IMG]

To check your latency simply double click your tray icon.

Enjoy - Herr.[/spoiler]

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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="+1"][U]Auto War keys[/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[spoiler]Content :

1: Link And file information :


Size:9mb Name:Auto Warkeys Format:Executable (exe)

Features : Edit Custom Keys for RoC TFT and DotA Allstars. And PvPgN Support. Health bar always turned on. Remap inventorys Align keys to QWER Grid

Warkeys is a free, open-source utility for Warcraft III. With it, you can: Change the Hotkeys, Button Positions and the Tips for the icons in the game. Align the keys based on a predefined grid layout. Import your old CustomKeys.txt. Import other Warkeys config files.

--- Change log: (August 26, 2007) - updated for Dota 6.47b - added Faerie Dragon (thanks Marcus Johansson) - updated Enigma's Malefice (a0b3 -> a0i7) (thanks Marcus Johansson) - updated Axe's Berserker's Call (a0c7 -> a0i6) (thanks Marcus Johansson) - fixed Stealth Assassin's Smoke Screen (thanks Marcus Johansson)

Warkeys Tutorial - Step by step explaination on how to utilize warkeys. [URL=""]Here[/URL]

AutoWarkey Tutorial - Step by step explaination on how to utilize AutoWarkey the inventory remapper. [URL=""]Here[/URL]

--- Screenshots [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] ---

Warkeys coded by John Schroeder (Open Source) 2006. Give him the credit for great program.[/spoiler]

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[COLOR="DarkRed"][U][SIZE="+1"]Making your own W3 movies[/SIZE][/U][/COLOR]

[spoiler][COLOR="Red"][SIZE=+1][U]Download links:[/U] [B][URL=""]mirror1[/URL], [URL=""]link[/URL][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]


Benchmarking Software - Show how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen. Perform custom benchmarks and measure the frame rate between any two points. Save the statistics out to disk and use them for your own reviews and applications.

Screen Capture Software - Take a screenshot with the press of a key! There's no need to paste into a paint program every time you want a new shot. Your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped.

Realtime Video Capture Software - Have you ever wanted to record video while playing your favourite game? Come join the Machinima revolution! Throw away the VCR, forget about using a DV cam, game recording has never been this easy! Fraps can capture audio and video up to 2560x1600 with custom frame rates from 10 to 100 frames per second!

[CENTER][b]General Questions[/b]


[B][CENTER]What do the options do?[/CENTER][/B]

Selecting "Start Fraps minimized" will hide the Fraps dialog screen when you launch the program. Fraps can still be accessed through the icon in the system tray.

Selecting "Fraps window always on top" will ensure the program window remains visible even when switching to another application. This option has no effect if Fraps has been minimized to the system tray.

If you'd like Fraps to be loaded when you turn on your machine enable the "Run Fraps when Windows starts" option.

Fraps also supports separate LCD screens on keyboards such as the Logitech® G15™. If you have a supported keyboard you will see the option to "Display status on keyboard LCD". Enabling this option will allow you to see FPS graphs and other identifiers on the keyboard while playing your games. If you have a G15 but do not see this option then you may need to install the latest G15 drivers available from Logitech's website.

[CENTER][b]FPS (Frames Per Second)[/b]


[b]What do the options do?[/b][/CENTER]

The Overlay Display Hotkey lets you assign a button that will toggle the frame rate counter between the four corners and off. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to be assigned this function. Clicking Disable will stop the Hotkey from having any effect.

The Benchmarking Hotkey lets you assign a button that can be used to determine the average frame rate between any two points in a game. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to be assigned this function. Clicking Disable will stop the Hotkey from having any effect.

The overlay corner indicates the region of the screen that the framerate counter will be displayed in. Choose a corner that doesn't obstruct important information in the game's display. If you select Disabled the frame rate counter will not be displayed on screen.

Selecting "Only update overlay once a second" will only change the frame rate counter once a second.

Selecting "Save frame rate to file each second" will output the frame rate once a second to the file FRAPSSEC.TXT in your Fraps directory. This option is deprecated and has been removed in Fraps 2.7.0. Use the detailed FPS statistics option to get individual CSV files for each benchmark run.

The "Stop benchmark automatically" option allows you to specify a fixed duration for the benchmark. Once the number of seconds has elapsed the benchmark will automatically stop and the results will be written to disk.

Finally, detailed benchmark statistics can also be saved to disk. These are written in standard CSV files that can be imported directly into a spreadsheet. All files are automatically named/timestamped and saved in the benchmarks subdirectory. Currently there are 3 files written for each benchmark when this option is enabled:

   * FPS - Contains the frame rate value for each second of the benchmark
   * frametimes - Contains the time (in milliseconds) of every frame that was rendered in the benchmark
   * minmaxavg - Contains the total frame count, benchmark duration, minimum, maximum, and average frame rate values.

[b]What is the maximum framerate Fraps will show?[/b] Fraps will show a maximum framerate of 9999 fps on screen. If you need to know precise framerates above this you must use benchmarking and find out the value from FRAPSLOG.TXT, or from the detailed statistics (if you have this option enabled).

Why doesn’t Fraps show above 30fps, 60fps, 75 fps (or any other framerate) in my game?

This can be due to several reasons.

Many games have internal limits that prevent them rendering faster than a certain framerate. In some cases this can mean they are locked at a maximum framerate of only 30fps.

Another possibility is that you have Vsync enabled. Vsync is used to synchronise the output of your graphics card with the display of your monitor. When your graphics card has finished rendering the next frame it waits for the monitor to finish displaying the current one before switching to the new one. This means that the maximum framerate you can obtain will be equal to the refresh rate of your monitor (which is usually 60hz, 75hz, 85hz, or 100hz).

If you disable Vsync then your graphics card will continuously render without waiting for the last frame to be displayed in its entirety. With fast graphics cards this means that your monitor may switch to a new frame halfway down the screen. This effect is known as tearing as there appears to be a visible line separating two different halves. Due to this, you should generally leave Vsync enabled except when benchmarking.

[CENTER][b]Screen Capture Questions[/b]


[b]What do the options do?[/b][/CENTER]

You can select the folder where Fraps will store all screenshots in. By default this folder is the same as the directory you installed Fraps into, but you can customise it to save anywhere on your disk. Click the Change button to select a new folder, or the View button to show the current contents of the folder.

The Screen Capture Hotkey lets you assign a button that will take a screenshot of the game screen. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to be assigned this function. Clicking Disable will stop the Hotkey from having any effect.

Screenshots can be saved in Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPEG (JPG), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), or Targa (TGA) format.

Selecting "Include frame rate overlay on screenshots" will include the Fraps frame rate counter on your screenshots. If the frame rate overlay is disabled, no counter will be saved on your screenshots.

[b]What is the maximum resolution supported by the screen capture?[/b]

Screenshots can be taken in games running at resolutions up to 2560x1600.

[CENTER][b]Video Capture Questions[/b]


[b]What do the options do?[/b][/CENTER]

You can select the folder where Fraps will store all movies in. By default this folder is the same as the directory you installed Fraps into, but you can customise it to save anywhere on your disk. Click the Change button to select a new folder, or the View button to show the current contents of the folder.

The Video Capture Hotkey lets you assign a button that will record movies of the game. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to be assigned this function. Clicking Disable will stop the Hotkey from having any effect.

Choosing Half-size will store the movie at half the resolution of the game screen. Full-size will store the movie at the same resolution as the game screen up to 1152x864.

You can choose the frame rate of the output movie from 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, or a custom value up to 100fps. Higher values result in smoother playback but will increase the file size. Some video editing programs will treat movies recorded at 25fps as PAL, and those captured at 29.97/30fps as NTSC.

Selecting "Record Sound" will save the game audio along with the video. You can disable this option if you are planning to add your own sound to the video.

When you select "Detect best sound input" Fraps will determine the best input to record the game sound on. If you choose "Use Windows input" the default Windows recording input will be used. The Windows input may not capture all of the game sounds, so you should generally let Fraps detect the input unless you want to capture sound from an external source.

[b]How do I record a movie while running a game?[/b] First select the target framerate for the movie, which indicates how many frames will be included in the movie each second. You can currently choose from 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.

In the game press the Video Capture Hotkey (F9) when you want to start recording. While recording the frame rate counter will turn red. When you want to end your movie, press the button again to stop recording. You will now find the movie saved in your default folder.

[b]Why do I get a source format error when I try to compress with DIVX?[/b] Divx6 places restrictions on the video resolution for many of its profiles and this may cause an error when handling large Fraps videos. In Virtualdub you can go to the Divx codec configuration screen and set it to use the "Unconstrained Profile". This will allow you to encode movies of any resolution and won't generate the source format error.

[b]How can I adjust the volume of the sound that is recorded?[/b] You must configure the volume through the "Sounds and Audio Devices" item in the Control Panel. Use the following steps:

   * Click on the Control Panel and select Sounds And Audio.
   * Click on the Audio tab.
   * Find the Sound Recording device and click Volume.
   * Adjust the volume for the Input that Fraps is recording from. This is usually named "What U Hear", "Record Master", or "Stereo Mixer".

If you can't see the correct Input on screen you may need to enable it by clicking on Properties in the menu and ensuring all Inputs have a check beside their name.

Where can I find the custom Fraps FPS1 codec?

The Fraps codec (FPS1) is put on the system when you install Fraps. If you've reinstalled Windows you will also need to reinstall Fraps in order to play back your movies.

Please keep in mind that if you want to give your raw footage to another person they will also need to have Fraps installed.

[I][center][SIZE=-1]All credits goes to [URL=""]phantom.[/URL] and [URL=""]smaree[/URL] and whoever helped in this guide.[/SIZE][/center][/I][/spoiler]

[SIZE="1"]Posted by TP_Moonstar[/SIZE]