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There are 3 main reasons why you may be getting kicked when trying to join a ladder lagabuse game:

1. You are banned on our bot

You can check that by typing /w !checkban, or viewing your Stats page.

2. You don't have the right map

You can check that by clicking on any game from the game list hosted by our bots, if the map image is blank then you don't have the right map. Download the latest map here and place it in the "Documents/Warcraft III/Maps/Download" folder.

3. You don't have latest GProxy

You need to have the latest version of GProxy to be able to play on lagabuse bots. If you don't, the bot will kick you automatically from any lobby hosted by it. To be able to join our games, please be sure to have the latest Client installed and launch the game through GProxy gateway.

If neither of the mentioned above seems to be the case, feel free to open a topic about your issue in the tech support board of our forum.

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