How to patch my Warcraft III

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To play on our server you need to have a copy of Warcraft III of the 1.28.5 version. There are various ways to update your game.

Update using Client (Recommended)

Simply download and install our Client and it will update your Warcraft III automatically!

Update using official installer

Download a complete Warcraft III version 1.28.5 from one of the mirrors

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Mirror 4

Mirror 5 (torrent magnet link)

Warning: don't install any third party software, all files can be downloaded directly through your browser. If the file is not found or not accessible, try another mirror

This archive contains the game after a regular installation with the official Blizzard setup. Some files were added/altered to support Client.

Extract the zip to the directory you want your game to be in. Note that it should not contain any non-english symbols!

Update using version switcher

  • Download version switcher and the 1.28.5 patch
  • Rename the downloaded patch to "TFT Version 1.28.5"
  • Unzip version switcher and place the zipped patch in the "wvs" directory in it
  • Run version switcher
  • Select Options and type in the location of your Warcraft III
  • Click on "Switch Version" and select "TFT Version 1.28.5"

Update by unpacking the patch manually

  • Download the 1.28.5 patch
  • Unzip it in your Warcraft III directory