CD-ROM Drive Error:Please verify that your Frozen Throne disc is in your CD-ROM drive

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There are several steps on fixing this one, it depends on the operating system as well. If you do not find a working suggestion here please contact us!

Fix 1

For Windows 7/8/10

Go to Warcraft III Launcher right click and go Properties--> Compatibility and set it as below:


Preferably do this right after the game asks you to restart Warcraft 3 to update to newest version.

For MacOS

Copy and paste your Warcraft III folder into another folder (e.g. Documents), then copy and paste it back into your Applications folder, replacing the existing one. Before trying to reboot attempt to rename Warcraft to
Run the game and then rename it Warcraft

Fix 2

Try installing the Blizzard App ( and login to a account. Once you have done that run the "Warcraft III Launcher" that is in the game installation folder. The problem appears to be that Blizzard Agent is not installed or running on your machine causing the update to fail.

NOTE: This will not affect your connectivity to private server in any way. You use the App just to make sure it's patched properly.