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Unable to join LAN game

So your friend or brother is hosting a game and you can’t join; what to do now? There is a really cool feature in Ghost++, introduced in version 9.x which allows people on same network to play together without any problem. This feature is called the “Admin Game” and was initially designed to do a completely different job. Fortunately for us, Admin Game also solves the joining LAN games problem.

First, download and set up Ghost++ or GhostOne, you can find a simple guide to do that ( TO BE ADDED)

After your ghost can enter eurobattle.net and host games normally , we will make a simple modification to the configuration to allow Admin games (and thus people on same LAN to enter). Edit the ghost.cfg to include this:

           whether to create the admin game or not (see readme.txt for more information) 

admingame_create = 1

           the port GHost++ will host the admin game on (this must be different from your bot_hostport) 

admingame_port = 6114

           the admin game password 

admingame_password = xpam

Note: You need to set admingame_port in ghost.cfg to the port you want to host the admin game on. It *must* be different from your bnet_hostport *and* from your Warcraft 3 port.

bot_hostport = 6000
admingame_port = 6114 
 Enter Warcraft, Options > Game Play > Port should be different (default is 6112)

Save the file and start ghost.exe GHost++ automatically hosts a Warcraft 3 game (the "Admin Game") and broadcasts it to the local network.

1.) Open Warcraft 3 and go to the LAN screen. After a few seconds you will see a game called "GHost++ Admin Game" appear. Join it.

2.) Use the password command to enter your Admin Game password (e.g. !password xpam).

a.) If you enter the wrong password you will be kicked from the game and temporarily banned for 5 seconds.

3.) Use the map or load command to load a map. (e.g. !map dota6.73b)

4.) Use the priv/privby/pub/pubby commands to create a game. You should wait until it says "Battle.net game hosting succeeded" before continuing. (e.g. !pub AP/Eu/PROS)

5.) Leave the game and return to the LAN screen. After a few seconds you will see your newly created game appear. Join it.

6.) You are now ready to play. Your game has been created on battle.net.

7.) If you make a mistake and want to unhost the game you can use !unhost in either game (the Admin Game or your newly created game).

We are aware that this feature is easily abusable, you can choose any nickname in place of yours. This is a warning, if you abuse this feature your IP will be PERMANENTLY Banned From Eurobattle.net. No Excuses. This guide and feature is to help you. DO NOT ABUSE IT.

Unable to join own or LAN game (ADSL users)

Hi guys, after few weeks of trying to solve problem of joining your own game, or game created by other machine in Local Area Network (LAN), I finally managed to get it to work.

PLEASE NOTE: This solution maybe not work for you! These settings are usually for ADSL users!

The solution for this problem is in general:

1.Turn your router/gateway in Pure Bridge mode

2. Enable PPPoE connection on all of your computers (You will need the username and password from your ISP)

3.Fix your firewall rules

4.Try to host public game, if everyone (from the internet) can join, then try to join your other machines on LAN

This works for most of routers that doesn`t support NAT Loopback, but the settings about pure bridge mode, may be different, based on your router and it`s own firmware.