Tutorial:Transferring bans from WC3-Banlist

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Automatic Method - Using GhostOne

Instead of using Ghost++, use GhostOne, the modified version of Ghost++ and use it's configuration to transfer the bans.

GhostOne can be found http://www.codelain.com/forum/index.php?topic=11643.0

First, go to WC3Banlist and export the bans.


Second , go to GhostOne Database


Third , open the database


Forth , Import exported bans


Fifth , specify the server, and path to file, then click on Import Bans from XML , then click on Add imported bans to ghost.dbs


Finally , close the database ... and you're done !


Manual Method

Export your bans and name the file localdb.xml

Make sure it has the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<database version="1.0"> <banlist> .... </banlist> </database>

If not edit it and fix the structure.

Upload your localdb.xml from WC3banlist to generate a sql file ghost.sql then import that into your ghost.dbs which will update it with records from your banlist you can import it using sqlite analyzer or any other sqlite dbms using http://sqlite.org/download.htmlsqlite command line (Windows)

1. Extract to your ghost folder (the location of ghost.dbs)
2. Create a shorcut to the extracted sqlite3
3. Right-click the shortcut, in target add to the end

 ghost.dbs ".read ghost.sql"

4. Make sure the ghost.sql is in the ghost folder also, click the shortcut When the empty console box closes it is done if a console box appears and disappears quickly you might of made an error using sqlite analyzer.

a). In sqlite analyzer create a new database registration file -> New Database Registration, put the full location of ghost.dbs in database path

b). Selecting the ghost database in the list go to file -> open and select the file created from the website

c).Click on the Green play button in the toolbar then wait patiently until that turns green again then your done.