Tutorial:Static Internal IP Windows

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This will guide you to how to set up a static internal IP!

Before you start you need to grab some useful information for later use:

Step 1. Press Start , click Run.

A small window will pop up. Type cmd on it and press enter. A black window will show, then type ipconfig /all and type enter. You may get various data. You must define which one is your real internet connection. On the image below you will see an example:

CMD ipconfig.png

Take note about the IP Address , Default Gateway and Subnet Mask values, you will need them later.

Now, the beggining:

Step 2. Double click your connection on the system tray then click on Properties.

Change IP XP.png

Step 3. Select TCP/IP Protocol and then Properties.

Tcp ip prop.png

Step 4. Now, mark Use the following IP address and Use the following DNS server addresses. Recover the values you got on the

Step 5 , fill the fields with the information. For DNS, type in the Default Gateway

Manual ip dns.png

Observation: in case the Default Gateway does not work as your DNS server (unresponsive internet), you will need to enter your router interface (by typing the Default Gateway into your browser; user and pass admin or blank) and find your DNS information under DHCP settings.

Now you're done setting up a static internal IP! You can now forward your ports to it and be free of problems.