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If you get the "Invalid Password" message and you are sure about your password, then perhaps your bot account needs to be activated: http://app.eurobattle.net/activate

If you still have problems with the password try to do the following:

Unzip the ghost++__X.zip
Find the file ghost.cfg
Right click > Open With > Notepad/Wordpad
Edit the values there correctly
Remove the # near the pvpgn custom values.
Save the file
Run ghost.exe

Note: You cannot use your account name as your password, otherwise it will not work. If you are facing this, change the password for your bot here: http://banlist.eurobattle.net/tools/chpass.php

Or you may try this: Let's say your username is Bob and your password is Huge. You must do the following.

Name: Bob
Password: Huge

In the ghost.cfg you have to write your password without the capitals. So it will look like this: huge