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If you are trying to join a Ghost game hosted from your PC:

Set the ip of loopback adapter to your global ip and rename adapter's local connection to Loopback http://whatismyip.com to find out if you don't know) and it should work.

Only drawback of this solution is:

If you have a dynamic IP, you have to manually change the ip each time your router reconnects.

How to add a loopback.

1) Go to Control Panel > Add Hardware.

For Windows XP Users:


For Windows Vista Users:

http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/5322/21770266mv3.jpg http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/1971/39284513uq8.jpg

For Windows 7 Users:


2) Click Next.

3) Choose Yes, I have already connected the hardware.


4) Scroll down, and choose Add a new hardware device.


5) Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list


6) Choose Network adapters


7) Choose Microsoft from the list on the left. Then Choose Microsoft Loopback Adapter


8) Click Next. You Have successfully installed the Loopback adapter.

9) Find the appropriate IP Address you need.

''a)'' If you are trying to join a game created by your Ghost bot. Go to http://whatismyip.com , and note down the IP Address.

''b)'' If you are trying to join a game hosted by a PC on your LAN, find out the IP Address of the PC hosting the game

10) Go to the newly created Adapter and right click on it and choose Properties.

If you don't know where the Adapter is located then do this:

Start > Control Panel > View network status and tasks or Network and Sharing Center > In the left hand pane click: ''Manage network connections''


11) Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and Click on Properties.


12) Choose Use the following IP address , and fill the IP address you noted in step 9. Press TAB.

Note: If Subnet mask didn't work, try using


13) Click Ok twice.

Make sure to read the first post for additional information.

Windows Vista has very similar method to create a Loopback adapter.

If you are trying to join a game hosted by a PC on your LAN:

Before trying the loopback make sure you opened a different port in your PC thats trying to join. For example, if the hosting PC is hosting under port 6112, the PC that's trying to join should work with port 6113 (and this port should be port forwarded and opened in firewalls). If another PC is trying to join, it should work with port 6114 .. etc

- Configure the Game Port Warcraft III will use on each computer:

- Start Warcraft III on each computer
- Click Options
- Click Gameplay
- Approximately half way down the screen you will see Game Port, each of your computers will need to use a different port
Example: Computer #1 can use port 6112, computer #2 can use port 6113, computer #3 can use port 6114, and so on.

- Configure your Router to forward the incoming data for port x to the computer where you setup Warcraft III to use that port
For more information on configuring your router, please contact your router manufacturer.
- Try playing the game

If that didn't work, you can follow the guide:

Solving the joining LAN Games Problem below

For Vista Users:

You might need to change your IP address manually, check these guides:



Hi guys, after few weeks of trying to solve problem of joining your own game, or game created by other machine in Local Area Network (LAN), i finally managed to get it to work.

PLEASE NOTE: This solution maybe won`t work for you! This settings is usually for ADSL users!

If you have problem to join your own game, try http://dotabot.net/wiki/index.php/Tutorial:Unable_to_join_LAN_game with loopback first (usually this will work). If you tried that, and you still cannot join game created in LAN, then probably you are behind a router or a gateway that doesn`t support NAT Loopback.

The solution for this problem is in general:

1.Turn your router/gateway in Pure Bridge mode
2. Enable PPPoE connection on all of your computers (You will need the username and password from your ISP)
3. Fix your http://eurobattle.net/showthread.php?t=103947 (firewall rules)
4. Try to host public game, if everyone (from the internet) can join, then try to join your other machines on LAN

This works for most of routers that doesn`t support NAT Loopback, but the settings about pure bridge mode, may be different, based on your router and it`s own firmware.