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Forum account

Create forum account

Click on the "Register" button in the top right corner

Forum Register.png

The following form will open

Forum Register Form.png

Insert the following information:

  • Username of your account
  • Password
  • Your email
  • Text of the Captcha
  • Answer to the security question (you can google it if you don't know the answer or reload the page to get a new one)
  • Date of birth

Accept the Forum Rules and click on "Complete Registration"

You should now receive an email with an url you need to go to in order to activate your account. Accounts which were not activated can't post in any thread.


All posts and topics created by new accounts should pass moderation first. That means that they will be checked by a moderator before they are visible for everyone. This measure helps keeping the forum clean from spammers.

Server account

Account Management Page

Create server account

Server accounts can only be created using a special form on our forum. Follow these simple steps in order to create an account:

1) Go to the account creation page

2) Type in your email and complete the Captcha.

Note: Disposable emails are NOT allowed. If you have a legitimate email and it still doesn't let you register, please contact us on forum and we will add it to the whitelist.

3) Check your mailbox, you should have received a confirmation email. click on the confirmation link and it will take you to the account creation form.


4) Type in the desired nickname and password.

Register namepassword small.png

5) Activate your account here by typing your name and password and clicking the "activate" button. Every account should be reactivated once every month.

You should now be able to login on server using the in-game form.

Activate account

You server account needs to be activated every month.

  • Go to Account Activation Page.
  • Type your name and password and click the "Activate account" button.
  • Your account should be activated for 1 month now.

Account activation.png

1) Account activation is totally FREE. You don't need to pay anything for it!
2) You have to activate your account once a month.
3) If you don't activate your account once a month, it will be 'frozen'.
4) 'Frozen' accounts cannot be used until activated again.
5) 'Frozen' accounts will stay in server's database for 6 months. After, they will be erased.
6) To unfreeze your account, you just need to go to activation site again ( and simply activate it as written above.

Change password

- Go to the Change Password Page.

- Fill the Name, Current Password, New password, Re-type Password fields and click the "Change Password" button.

- Your Password should now be changed.

Recover password

- Go to the Password Recovery Page.

- Type in the email which is bound to your server account and complete the Captcha.

- Check your inbox, you should have received the following letter:

Account recoverpassword email.png

- Clicking the link will bring you to the following form:

Account recoverpassword form.png

Type in your new password and confirm it.