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Ladder matches are the basic games in Warcraft III, also known as "melee", "standard" and "PG" games. You play for one of the four races (Alliance, Night elves, Orcs or Undead) and your goal is to build your base and army as soon as possible and eliminate enemy players. Ladder games have their own ladder.


To be able to play ladder Warcraft III games it is required to forward 6112, 6113 ports on your router. Since there is no external host one of the players taking part in the match must have his ports forwarded. He will then be the host for that game. If neither of the players can take the role of the host, all players will be disconnected from the game.

Searching for the game

1) After logging in on server, click on the "Play Game" button

PG Start Game.png

2) Select the game type of the game you want to find (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, FFA). Click on the "Thumb Up" buttons to remove the maps you don't like from the map pool. Once you are ready, press "Play Game".

PG Choose Game Type.png

3) Wait until your game is arranged (may take a while)

PG Searching.png

You can also start searching for the game directly from the main menu by pressing the "Quick Play Game" button. The previously selected game settings will apply.

PG Quick.png