How to host my own games?

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There are 2 possibilities to host your own games in Warcraft III: you can either host on your own computer or use a public bot to create the game for you.

Hosting on your own PC


To be able host Warcraft III games on your PC it is required to forward 6112, 6113 ports on your router. This is needed in order to allow the other players to connect to your computer and take part in your game.

Creating game

Coming soon...

Hosting using bots

Hosting with public bots

You can use public hosting bots to create games for you. To use them enter the respective channel or directly whisper the bot using /w command.


Hosting on your computer using GHost

You may want to run a special bot which will make hosting easier for you. Since your PC will still be used as the host, portforwarding is required.

Check the GHost section for detailed tutorials about using the GHost/GHost++ bots.