GHost changes in patch 1.29

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Patch 1.29 brings several changes to Ghost++. Luckily, most of the fixes are easy.


game.dll and Storm.dll no longer exist and are now part of the Warcraft III.exe binary. You must patch your GHost code to only pass the exe into the checkrevision function. Alternatively, you can create both files as empty and keep the code unchanged, both approaches should work.


war3patch.mpq no longer exists. You need to extract blizzard.j and common.j from War3x.mpq (folder Scripts) manually and place them in your mapcfgs folder so GHost can properly calculate map CRC. You can use MPQ Editor for extracting files.

>12 player maps

It is now possible to play maps with more than 12 players. GHost has this limit hardcoded in several places so a code refactor is necessary if you want to support these maps. No workaround exists.

Replay build number

The new replay build number is 6060.