Can't launch Warcraft III?

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Some directories/files might not be created or created in a wrong way. A few antivirus programs may also delete the essential files falsely detecting them as viruses.

[Client] "Process failed to start: The directory is invalid" Message

This message indicates that the Client wasn't installed properly.

Client unabletostart.png


Remove the current Client and reinstall it using the newest installer.

[Client] "GProxy is missing" Message

This message usually means that gproxy.exe isn't present in the Client's directory. Due to the functionality of GProxy, some antivirus programs may falsely detect it as a virus and delete it automatically. The most known antivirus that does that is Avast.

GProxy Missing.png


Add gproxy.exe to the exception list of your antivirus and reinstall the Client.

[Client] "w3l.exe is missing" Message

In most cases it means that w3l.exe is missing from your Warcraft III directory. The file is essential for letting you connect to our servers but it may also be falsely detected as a virus since it is a "hack" which redirects the game to our PVPGN servers instead of the official ones. Usually Avast does that.

W3l Missing.png


Add w3l.exe to the exception list of your antivirus and reinstall the Client.

[W3] CD-Keys missing

The following message appears if your Warcraft III directory is missing the license keys:

Client missingkeys.png


  • Reinstall the Client and it will recreate the keys automatically.
  • Alternatively you can copy-paste our license keys manually:



  • If you possess your own license keys, simply type them into the fields instead.